Client’s Corner: Karen Stapley

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Karen over the last 6 years, Karen is a fantastic example of what can be achieved when you put your mind to something and also of how to find ways to adapt when things don’t quite to go plan. Karen has a long term approach to achieving optimal health and she is certainly reaping the rewards from her continued to commitment. Karen has kindly shared, in her own words, her experience of Personal Training over the last 7 years, thank you Karen and here’s to the next 7 🙂


“My fitness journey with Áine and Sana Vita began in July 2014, arriving at her studio thinking, I’m not sure weight lifting is for me, but here I am 6 years later and I can honestly say the benefits of my personal training and advice on nutrition and general wellbeing have got me through some very challenging times both sporting and personal.


After completing the Great North Run in 2011 as a ‘naïve runner’ without proper training and resulting in plantar fasciitis I continued to run short distances, but had my sights set on achieving my dream of running a marathon.  With Áine ’s guidance I found a training plan building in strength, cross training and rest days alongside the running.  Personal training sessions were geared to targeting my weaknesses such as glutes and core and in between sessions I concentrated on the plans Áine set for me.  We also discussed the importance of nutrition to keep my body strong and replenished following long training runs, including the odd biscuit and homemade cake, my guilty pleasure!


In 2016 I completed the London Marathon and the following year Birmingham Marathon, managing a personal best.  The positive experience I had with both these runs was down to proper training, guidance and listening to my body.


At the age of 61 I am not sure another marathon is on the cards, time will tell, but I really look forward to personal training sessions and when lock down was announced my first thought was how on earth will I manage without them.  Fear not, Áine had already established virtual workouts, so for an hour each week my kitchen is my gym and with 2 sets of weights, strength bands and a mat I am put through my paces with a challenging session and a few laughs along the way when my arms and legs have difficulty co-ordinating.   I am not sure how she does it, but in 6 years I have never done the same exercise twice and Áine always plans a really effective workout, even with minimal equipment.   The last couple of months have taught me to appreciate the benefits of Yoga for flexibility, strength and mind and body relaxation and I look forward to my weekly virtual group classes.


I would recommend Áine to anyone looking for a personal approach to exercise and nutrition tailored to individual preference. Áine is a very professional young business woman with a lovely personality”.