Client’s corner: Anne Ryder

It has been a delight to work with Anne for the past 10 years, thank you Anne for sharing your experience! A great example of what it looks like to reach and maintain your natural weight, in a balanced way whilst still able to enjoy a cupcake :)…

“I have never really exercised.  As I approached 59 years of age, with a raised cholesterol count, a burgeoning waistline and a 60th party arranged I felt the need to join a gym.  There I met Áine.

Áine guided me through this strange world and formulated an exercise regime for me.  When Áine started Sana Vita Health she became my Personal Trainer.

I have maintained my optimum weight for the past 9 years. My cholesterol level and waistline have reduced, and I have never needed to diet. This has been due to Áine.  She has motivated me  and with her immense knowledge of effective training and nutrition I can say that I have  never felt fitter.

Even during the pandemic, I have carried on exercising with Áine via zoom sessions which have been beneficial for my physical and mental wellbeing”.