3 things I wish I new before starting my first diet

Experiencing what it feels like to be trapped in the dieting cycle has taught me so much, I’d never regret starting my first diet, as my journey lead me to discover intuitive eating ❤️.

With this journey in mind, I’ve been thinking about what I wish I knew before starting my first diet and I thought I’d share them with you, in case you might be contemplating trying a diet for the first time or maybe you’re struggling to break free from the dieting cycle…

1️⃣ That dieting was going to take me further away from where I wanted to be

I first started dieting to lose weight, attempting to get my body to weight and shape that it didn’t want to be. Ironically, I noticed soon after starting my first diet, that my weight started to fluctuate more than it ever had done in the past, and when I wasn’t ‘on a diet’ my weight stabilised.

2️⃣ That ‘diet culture’ is a thing!

Who knew 😳 I had no idea that there was such a thing as ‘diet culture’. When I discovered this (after finding intuitive eating), I learned that I didn’t need to be part of it, it was a choice I always had and still have 🙌.

3️⃣ That being slimmer than I was, didn’t mean I was going to be healthier

In fact, the opposite was true. When I started restricting my calories to lose weight, I noticed my energy levels dropped significantly, I found it difficult to concentrate on normal daily tasks (unless it was around planning my next meal or the next diet I was going to try), I also experienced a few hormonal imbalances too.

Remember to reach out to me, anytime, if you have any questions about how to break free from dieting 🤗

Áine x